SEO For Site Redesigns

Fly or fall with SEO Site RedesignSEO Objectives for a Successful Site Redesign

  • Preserve your existing rankings, link popularity and search engine visibility
  • Improve your rankings, search visibility, and the redesign’s impact on business results

Site redesigns can have a huge impact on your search engine traffic—you can fly high or fall hard. On the one hand, a site redesign represents a golden opportunity to fix what’s wrong with your site and and reconstruct it in a way that improves usability and increases traffic. On the other hand, a site redesign has tremendous potential for disaster. Traffic can plummet and years of web marketing gains can be permanently erased.

Our SEO for site redesign service will prevent disasters and also help you get the best business results possible from your redesign. We will work with you in the planning stages to make sure your content is organized and optimized well for maximum search engine visibility. We will work with your designer/developer to make sure that critical technical and coding tasks relevant to SEO are handled properly during the redesign, and we will track key metrics after launch to identify and correct any errors.

Components of our SEO for Site Redesign service include:

  • SEO Site Analysis to assess the current site’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Google Analytics configuration (learn more about Measuring Site Success)
  • Identify important pages/rankings to migrate to the new site
  • Assemble benchmark stats on the old site so that the performance of the new site can be assessed
  • Advise on navigation and site structure in order to enhance search engine exposure
  • Advise on usability and conversion rate optimization in light of Google Analytics goals

At Launch we will:

  • set up redirects
  • review robots.txt
  • audit GA tracking

Following Launch we will:

  • check Google Webmaster Tools for errors and advise on repairs
  • report on the site redesign’s impact on SEO

Make sure you’ve got someone on your redesign team with expertise in SEO so that you can build on the success you’ve created to take your business to even greater heights! Contact us today to learn how we can help ensure the success of your redesign.