About Concord Web Solutions

Vicki MillsConcord Web Solutions was created in 2001 to help small businesses achieve greater profitability through web marketing. Vicki Mills is Concord Web Solutions’ owner and primary web marketing strategist. She has been writing and designing marketing materials for more than thirty years and helping small businesses gain search engine exposure for more than ten.

That ten years encompasses almost the entire history of search marketing! It was only in 2000 that Google rose to prominence and online search became a viable marketing medium for small businesses. Back then, any site that was well built around fundamental SEO concepts was sure to dominate search results. Competition was low, a lot of sites were built by tech-savvy teens with no marketing knowledge, and Google’s ranking algorithm was in its infancy. Our early clients quickly saw stellar results from very modest investments.

At the same time, a lot of people thought this whole internet thing was just a passing fad. The collapse of the dot-com bubble in 2000 seemed to confirm that the internet was a risky space populated by delusional geeks speaking an incomprehensible language.

Times have changed. Today the internet is integral to our lives (for better or worse), and most will agree that web marketing is essential to small business success.

In 2000 there were only 361 million Internet users in the entire world. In 2012 there were more than 1 billion users on Facebook alone. Source

Google, which started as one of several competing search engines, now commands 66% of search, compared to Microsoft’s distant 16%. Source Google’s ranking algorithm has become far more sophisticated and has thwarted years of studious attempts to “game” the system. The rise of social media has added a new dimension to online marketing.

The challenges to creating positive ROI from web marketing have increased enormously, even as the internet has become the most important marketing channel for small businesses. In short, web marketing has gotten a lot more complicated.

Our main mission at Concord Web Solutions is to simplify the things small business owners could do in web marketing so that they understand what they really need to do. That’s what drives results on tight budgets. We’re interested in what’s real, what works and what’s true. We provide a firm foundation that will lead to long-term growth for our clients. Our clients, in turn, are honest and hard working with good products or services that they care about. Together, we create success.