Why I Recommend WPEngine for WordPress Hosting

I don’t make hosting recommendations lightly. I’ve been using WPEngine myself for over two years which is about as much time as it takes to convince me they can consistently deliver a high level of service.

Web hosting is a mission-critical service and hosting relationships usually last years. Ideally it’s a service you set up and forget about, but all too often that’s not what happens. Your site goes down, or slows to a crawl. Maybe you get hacked. You try to contact your hosting company for help and you either can’t get through to a person, or you speak to someone who is reading from a script and who knows less about hosting than you do, or you have to wait hours or days for any meaningful response. Meanwhile, your business is on hold. None of those experiences is likely to occur if WPEngine is hosting your site.

Here are the main reasons I advise small business clients use WPEngine for hosting their WordPress sites.
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Simplify Your Website to Increase Conversions

birdofparadiseOne of the great things about web marketing is that we can test our assumptions. One of the less appealing characteristics of humankind is that we are often unwilling to do so. That’s why I love studies that analyze user behavior. Reading them makes me step back and look at the websites I’m working on with a new eye. Sometimes it’s to challenge my assumptions; other times it’s to remind myself of basic principles that can get lost when you are up you your eyeballs in decisions.
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Great Landing Pages Make Great Websites

LandingA landing page is the page a visitor lands on when they first come to your site. It seems like a pretty straightforward concept, one you can file away under “Got it!” and move on. But let’s take a closer look, because thinking about landing pages can change the way you think about your website, your content, and the whole internet marketing kaboodle.

Visitors don’t read your website like a book.

Very few visitors will start at what you think is the “first page” of your website (the home page perhaps?) and follow an orderly progression through to the end (the “about” page perhaps?). They may land on an interior page, look at one other related page and be gone.
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Do You Know Where Your Website Accounts Are?

website accountsYou know where your kids are (I hope). You probably know where to find the title to your car, or your Last Will and Testament, or the gift card that’s still got 50 bucks on it. How about your website accounts? Do you know where they are? Do you even know what they are?

Since it’s a new year and we all want to get off on the right foot, let’s take a few minutes to round up your website accounts and see if you need to do anything with them. (If you read all the way to the end I’ll share some hints for how/where to store the info.) Continue Reading »