How Critical is a Mobile Strategy for Your Small Business?

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Zombie Apocalypse or Business As Usual?

In a meeting of SEO specialists not long ago, one practitioner stood up to say “You’ve got to optimize for mobile now! About 40% of traffic is coming from mobile, and with the current rate of adoption it’ll be 50% in a couple months. That means half of all your visitors will be looking at your site on mobile devices, so you’d better be sure it’s designed and optimized for those devices.”

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Inbound vs. Interruption Marketing: What Gets the Clicks?


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SEOmoz, one of the leading providers of online analytics tools and reliable information about search engine optimization, has rebranded itself to just “Moz.” Why? Well the CEO, Rand Fishkin, tiptoes around the issue a bit, but the main reasons seem to be an association between “SEO” and spammy, “black hat” practices and the growth of other forms of online marketing, particularly social media.

What struck me in their announcement blog post was this graphic that juxtaposes “inbound” vs. “interruption” marketing tactics. While 90% of marketing investment is spent on channels that interrupt people, it is inbound marketing that gets 90% of the clicks on the web.
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