Does Your Organic Search Traffic Measure Up?

A recent study shows that most websites get about half of their overall traffic from organic search. The sites in the study belonged to large enterprises, most of whom invest heavily in PPC and social media marketing. They also tend to be well-known brand names that get a lot of direct traffic, but STILL, about 50% of their traffic came from organic search.

google organic traffic
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What’s Behind the Hype About Content Strategy?

Understanding which way the wind blows with Google is important for anyone who has a website, at least if they want people to see it. Panda and Penguin are code names for a series of Google algorithm updates over the past couple years. Together they speak volumes about where Google is headed, what SEO tactics will and won’t work, and how you can create a web marketing strategy that you can count on for the long term.

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SEO and the Simple Website

Alfa romeo

Does your website have a nice paint job, but no engine?

“I just want a simple website.” I’ve heard that plea from small business owners so many times over the years, and I always want to answer: “Don’t we all, buster. Don’t we all!”

“Simple” is usually a reference to the site’s front end design, but I’ve learned that it also indicates a resistance to the perceived complexity of creating a good website and, of course, to price.

As Albert Einstein said, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” So how simple is too simple for a website?
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How a Website Redesign Can Destroy Your Google Rankings

Google Rankings PlummetMost of the problems I see with SEO are matters of degree: lost opportunities, underutilized content, technical issues on some sections of the site. But occasionally I see full-fledged SEO disasters and these usually occur in conjunction with a site redesign. Here’s why.

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