Does Your Organic Search Traffic Measure Up?

A recent study shows that most websites get about half of their overall traffic from organic search. The sites in the study belonged to large enterprises, most of whom invest heavily in PPC and social media marketing. They also tend to be well-known brand names that get a lot of direct traffic, but STILL, about 50% of their traffic came from organic search.

google organic traffic

This is a powerful reminder of just how important SEO is to the online marketing mix. It carries even more weight for smaller businesses. Most of the sites I follow get nearly 60% of their traffic from organic search, and the bulk of that is from Google.

Here’s the two minute check to see how you’re doing with organic search.

Log in to Google Analytics and click on Traffic Sources > Overview. You’ll see a pie chart like the one in the screenshot below with percentages for your traffic channels.

organic search traffic

So how are you doing? If your search traffic is less than 50% then you’ve got plenty of room for improvement. Of course these broad numbers don’t tell the whole story. Your other marketing efforts can influence the mix. And even if your organic search numbers are reasonably high, you should check the keyword phrases used to find you as well (that’s under Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic). If most of those terms are for your business name, then give us a shout because that means your site is not well optimized.

The bottom line? Organic search continues to be the most important source of traffic by far for most businesses. And how does one improve organic search? Why SEO of course.