If I had my life to live over – a quote photo

If I had my life to live over

This is called a “quote photo.” I hadn’t realized until I read this post that these things had a name. Nor had I really thought of making them myself, but it looked like fun so I went to my stock photo service (123RF) and typed in “spring.” There are rumors that it might start sometime soon here in New England, and I’ve got the fever. This photo looked bright and warm and had room for text.

Then I googled “spring quotes” hoping to find one related to business, but instead I found the one you see. It made me feel happy and springlike, and reminded me of what a worthwhile thing it is to walk barefoot in the grass. I put the image and text together in Photoshop.

Does this have anything at all to do with online marketing? I’m glad you asked, because indeed it does! “Content marketing” – which is one of the best ways to draw traffic to our websites and promote our services – is not limited to text. The web is increasingly visual, and posting photos, quote photos, infographics, videos etc. can liven up your site pages, increase visitor engagement, and encourage social sharing.

Of course it helps if your visuals are related to your services or offerings, but sometimes you’ve just got to stop and pick the daisies.

If you want to learn more about how to “get visual” with your online content, this article from Social Media Examiner will give you lots of ideas.