Measuring Website Success

“The user experience of your visitors will determine the success of your website, and web analytics tools provide the means to investigate this.” — Brian Clifton

Google Analytics ConsultingIn order to measure website success you need to:

  1. Define website success for your business
  2. Determine the metrics that point to that success
  3. Implement web analytics to capture the necessary data

Google Analytics is a free tool that can provide the insights necessary to lead your business to website success, but to do so it must be configured properly and set up for your particular business. “Out of the box” implementations or basic WordPress plugins do not typically include the configuration necessary to capture all the meaningful data for your business.

Note: Google Analytics cannot reprocess historical data. It will only track pageviews from the day the code is placed on the page and only for those pages that have the code. Other configurations (such as goals, filters, campaigns, and events) will only apply to data beginning with the date they are implemented. This means it is very important to get Google Analytics set up properly now so that you can begin collecting usable data.

We help you define your web marketing goals and success metrics and then implement Google Analytics so that you can measure the progress towards your goals. Web analytics are critical for any site owner who wants to track relevant data about their web marketing and learn how to put that data to use to make better business decisions.


First we’ll review your site and any available data from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to determine what setup and configuration work needs to be done. We’ll also come up with some preliminary ideas about possible success metrics for your site.


We have a meeting of the minds with you by phone to determine measurable goals for your web site that reflect your overall business goals.

Google Analytics Setup

Now that we know how your site is constructed and what you want to measure, we get to work on the setup and configuration:

  • make sure all necessary pages are tagged with GA tracking code
  • activate SEO reports via Google Webmaster Tools
  • set up goals
  • track social shares (if applicable)
  • track error pages
  • configure campaign and event tracking (email newsletters, PDF downloads, Flash events)
  • configure internal site search tracking (if applicable)
  • set up custom segments or filters as needed (such as non-branded keywords, geographic filters, etc)
  • create profile to filter internal site visits
  • set up email alerts

Google Analytics Training

Our goal is to empower you to use Google Analytics regularly to understand how your website is performing and where you can most profitably make improvements. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. We take the mystery out of reviewing Google Analytics reports by providing a list of key metrics for your website so that you know what to look for and how to use the data. We’ll set up email reports straight from Google Analytics to prompt regular reviews.

Google Analytics Analysis

Once Google Analytics is configured properly and your goals are set, we can step in at any time—whether monthly, quarterly, or in conjunction with particular campaigns or initiatives—for a deeper analysis of the data and to consult with you on how to improve the business results from your website.

Do you have measurable goals for your website? Are you able to track the progress of your online marketing? Do you monitor your website’s performance and understand which data is important to track? Contact us to help you with your Google Analytics implementation and learn how to put your site on the fast track to success.