SEO Site Analysis

Point A to Point BOur web marketing services are designed to get you from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you want to be. In order to blaze the most direct trail, we need to know where Point A is and something about the terrain. That’s what our SEO Site Analysis is all about.

Rather than a mindless “site audit” our SEO Site Analysis is the first step in uncovering opportunities to improve your web marketing. Sometimes, one simple change can have dramatic results. Perhaps a robots.txt file is excluding a section of your site that should be visible to the search engines. The fix takes only a few minutes, and your traffic could surge. In almost all cases, the Analysis shows clearly where to focus your attention and how best to allocate your online marketing budget. Will the greatest impact come from fixing technical issues? working more on content and keyword usage? attracting more inbound links? The SEO Site Analysis answers these questions.

We’ll put your site through a host of trials to wring out the significant information about your site’s technical, on-page, and inbound link status. Some of the tasks included in our analysis are:

  • compare number of site pages to number of pages indexed by Google
  • check for Google penalties
  • check for file not found errors, broken links, and redirects
  • review robots.txt file
  • assess level of optimization in current title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags
  • review site architecture (navigation, directory structure, naming conventions) for keyword use
  • check site speed
  • check for dangerous practices (use of hidden text, duplicate content, keyword stuffing)
  • assess inbound link profile (# of links, # of linking domains, quality, anchor text distribution)

When we’re done, we’ll share with you all we know about Point A and how hard or easy it will be to move away from it. The SEO Site Analysis uncovers any technical problems there may be with the site and helps us evaluate the level of optimization already achieved. With this information, we can create a road map and assess the amount of work necessary to get you where you want to be.

As for charting a course to Point B, we’ll also need to define your goals and success metrics. See Measuring Website Success with Google Analytics.

The SEO Site Analysis is typically included as part of our primary SEO services: Small Business SEO, SEO for WordPress Blogs, and SEO for Site Redesigns. For larger or more complex sites, the Site Analysis is useful as a first step to determine the scope of work necessary to improve search engine visibility.